Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Tahun ini saya keluarkan brand saya sendiri.


100% designed and handmade in Malaysia, choose from a selection of kids hair accessories, dresses, soft toys & more that are lovingly created from selected recycled fabric and materials. 

This one of a kind collection is as unique as your child and best of all: You can Shop MORE, for LESS by buying vintage-cool re-furbished items.

Thank you for your interest in KEIKO MAYESA. And for allowing me to do what I love with lots of love.

Find us on Facebook to see all the latest collection, fabrics, designs and inspiration:

KEIKO - happy child
MAYESA - from my daughter's name "Dian Mayesa" which means ' penampilan yang membanggakan'

This are the few itemst that i personally made

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